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SBR 002 - CHEAP THRILLS s/t 12"

This 12" contains CHEAP THRILLS' amazing s/t MCD on Side A and their awesome "we're all broken" Debut-MCD on Side B! They supported this release with a heavy touring schedule w/ BORROWED TIME among others and recorded a final 7“ before they disbanded due to time constraints of some of the members.

Their singer went on to a short stint with the dutch band WORLD GONE MAD to then form LOOK MY WAY which I strongly suggest you check out. If you're not already into them that is. If you are pick this one up. You will like it.
NYHC in full effect!

And the MOD is currently working on a new band HANGIN' TOUGH with our very own Jaybeez and Joe Nice of KTH fame while still being busy with his main band THE ICE. Keep your eyes open for HANGIN' TOUGH. Straight Edge in your face motherfucker!

Year of release: 2007

Pressing Info:
10 rejected Testpressings aka Crunchpress
10 Testpressings
86 transparent green (pre-order; sold out)
2 transitional yellow/green copies (sold out)
105 transparent yellow
About 40 of those do have some more or less visible black streaking. Due to the fact that these are some kind of transitional copies the streaking fades from what you can see in one of the pictures below to none at all. Which made it hard for us to decide how much black streaking there has to be in a record for it to be counted as a transitional copy. So this is why there is no exact number.
30 of those with the most heavy streaking were used for a Save My Soul Records edition in 2010 (sold out)

318 clear
A couple of those do have some light black streaks. Which we decided are to light to be counted so there is no info on how many of those there are. In the according picture below the streaking is more visible than it is in reality.

20 clear copies were used for a ltd. Westside Unity Festival edition in 2008 (sold out)

back cover
A side lyrics

B side lyrics
A side label

B side label

all regular vinyl variations
1 out of 2 yellow/green transition vinyls
1 out of about 40 w/ black streaks
slight back streaking on clear vinyl

Westside Unity '08 extra cover
Westside Unity '08 front
Westside Unity '08 back

SMS edition

SMS edition stamped innersleeve

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