Dienstag, 3. Mai 2011


This is where it all began!
In 2006 Germany brimmed with great bands so I got the idea to acknowledge that by putting out a compilation. I knew I wasn't able to handle everything myself which is why I talked to my friend Jaybeez and sure enough he was in on the game. Late summer 2006 had us send out the first e-mails asking bands if they were in on the idea to contribute to that project. In the end we had 16 great hc/punk-bands (Cheap Thrills, Black Friday 29, Kingdom, AYS, Ritual, Empty Vision, Settle The Score, The Italian Stallion, Nothing To Hide, Sirens, Cobretti, Watch Out, Annotation, Teenage Angst, Dean Dirg, Bleed Into One) contribute 22 songs to make this monster of a record including a Reagan Youth style fold out poster cover.
Now you might already know how difficult and time-consuming it can be to do a record with just one band. Well time and even more time went by until this record finally saw the light of day. Actually so much time that the CHEAP THRILLS LP we worked out a deal for while being in touch with the bands for this compilation shot ahead for a release a couple of months prior to this.

Year of release: 2008

Pressing Info:
10 Testpressings
100 black vinyl w/ special pre-order sleeve - SOLD OUT
10 black vinyl w/ regular sleeve which will stay with us until we decided what to do with them
165 yellow vinyl
270 red vinyl
pre-order extra cover

back cover
fold-out poster cover outside

fold-out poster cover inside
A side label

B side label

all vinyl variations

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