Dienstag, 3. Mai 2011


From the ashes of BLACK FRIDAY '29, SIRENS and SETTLE THE SCORE with the addition of an ex-AYS member comes GET IT DONE! delivering their very own version of melodic old-school hardcore not unlike H2O or CIV. And we are proud to have been able to put out the Tape version of their demo which is also out there on CD and 12".

Date of release: May 3rd 2011

pressing info:
50 regular copies spray-painted on the front and # in silver on the back
13 friends edition Tapes spray-painted on the front & back # in gold on the back
1 SBR friends edition Tape

lyricsheet front
lyricsheet back
A side for all Tapes
B side of the regular edition
case for the regular Tapes & the SBR friends Tape
B side of the friends edition
case for the friends edition Tapes
B side of the SBR friends Tape

And here's some info for the über-nerdy collectors like me:
Two Tapes of the "friends edition" do have the same case as the regular-edition.
13/13 which stayed with me
9/13 which went to my SBR partner in crime.

Big time thanks go out to Get It Done! for letting us do this, Joe Nice of KTH fame for the blank tapes and Busy B for the tools.

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